Total Number of SEER-MHOS Participants

Number of Individuals in MHOS (1998-2021), All Ages

This graphic shows several boxes, each representing a certain category of patients in the MHOS file. Boxes that are higher on the chart have lines and arrows pointing from them to boxes that are lower, which are their subcategories. The categories are as follows, with subcategories being represented as nested lists.

  • Completed One or More
    MHOS Survey(s) within SEER Region

    • Linked to SEER1

        • One MHOS Survey

            • Survey Before Cancer

            • Survey Between Cancers

            • Survey After Cancer

        • Two or More MHOS Surveys

            • All Surveys Before Cancer

            • Survey Before and After Cancer

            • All Surveys After Cancer

    • Not Linked to SEER2

        • One MHOS Survey

        • Two or More MHOS Surveys


1Some Respondents were identified in SEER with non-malignant tumors and no other malignancies (n=6,762), some respondents completed a survey within the same month as a cancer diagnosis (n= 97) survey timing could not be established.

2Completed at least one survey within a SEER region. All survey respondents who self-reported a cancer diagnosis (n=31,150) were excluded.

Last Updated: 10 Jan, 2024