Cost of Acquiring the SEER-MHOS Data

The SEER-MHOS data files are created by Information Management Services, Inc. (IMS), the programming contractor for NCI. Outside researchers are asked to reimburse IMS for the cost of producing the data, as listed below.

The quoted costs are for files containing MHOS patients in Cohorts 1-18 that have been diagnosed with the requested cancer site(s). One file will be created for each cancer site requested. Additional selection criteria such as identifying surveys taken before and after the cancer diagnosis may require special programming at additional cost. The extracted files are sent in SAS Cport format.

In addition, please note that IMS cannot undertake extensive special programming. Additional cleaning and data modification are the responsibility of the investigator. In accordance with an IMS-NCI contractual agreement, IMS will begin processing data requests upon receipt of payment. IMS requires pre-payment of all invoices.

All charges will be periodically reviewed to determine whether they are fairly recovering IMS's costs and may be changed without notice.

Cost of Cancer Files (SEER-linked Cases)
Number of Cancer Sites Data Production Part D Data
1 $1,000 $250
2 - 3 $1,250 $300
4 - 5 $1,500 $350
6 or more $1,750 $400
Cost of Non-Linked Files
  Data Production Part D Data
Non-cancer cases $750 $250

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Last Updated: 16 Aug, 2021