How SEER-MHOS Differs from SEER-Medicare & SEER-CAHPS

The Healthcare Delivery Research Program has several unique data resources linking SEER data to Medicare data (SEER-Medicare, SEER-MHOS, and SEER-CAHPS). SEER-MHOS differs from the other SEER linked data resources in several ways. Please see the video and table below for more details.

Comparing SEER-MHOS, SEER-CAHPS, and SEER-Medicare

SEER Cancer Registry Data Yes Yes Yes
Medicare Enrollment History Yes Yes Yes
Medicare Advantage Yes Yes Yes
Fee-for-Service No Yes Yes
Health Care Claims Data
Hospital & Outpatient (Part A & B) No Yes Yes
Prescription Drug (Part D) Yes Yes Yes
Survey Data (Self-Report)
Beneficiary Characteristics Yes Yes No
Quality of Life Yes No No
Symptoms & Function Yes No No
Effectiveness of Care Yes No No
Patient Experiences of Care (CAHPS) No Yes No
Physician & Hospital Characteristics No Yes Yes
Last Updated: 19 Apr, 2024