Masking Small Cell Sizes Requirement for SEER-MHOS Research Reports and Manuscripts

The SEER-MHOS Data Use Agreement (DUA) states that adequate plans to protect the privacy rights of beneficiaries must be implemented throughout the research process, including in research reports and manuscripts that are published. One DUA requirement states that any cell sizes less than 11 (eleven) must be suppressed in all tables, figures, and listings in the narrative report. This is to ensure no findings or information derived from the SEER-MHOS data resource might allow a beneficiary’s identity to be deduced.

For information on appropriate small cell masking, please visit the Research Data Assistance Center (ResDAC) websiteExternal Web Site Policy which includes examples on how to deal with small cells appropriately.

Compliance with this requirement is reviewed as part of the NCI clearance of all SEER-MHOS manuscripts prior to publication. More information about SEER-MHOS manuscript clearance requirements can be found on the SEER-MHOS DUA application (PDF, 236 KB).

Last Updated: 30 Apr, 2021