Bridging SF-36 and VR-12

Given the switch of the HOS to using the VR-12 in 2006 NCI supported psychometric work to develop algorithms that bridge the 8 scales (general health, physical functioning, physical roles, bodily pain, vitality, social functioning, emotional roles, and mental health) of the VR-12 with the 8 scales of the SF-36®. These algorithms enable analyses to pool cohorts over the SF-36 and VR-12 eras to increase statistical power. Slides available here (PDF, 870 KB) created by Boston University and presented March 23, 2016, describe the process that was used to create algorithms that bridge the scales from the two instruments.

For access to the full technical report and SAS code to generate the algorithms, please email us.

The Physical Component Summary (PCS) and Mental Component Summary (MCS) were previously re-scored to be equivalent across the cohorts/years of data collection and these variables (labeled PCS12 and MCS12) are already available in the data resource. In addition, any new data requests after March 2016 will be provided the re-scored scale scores.

Last Updated: 31 Jan, 2024