Participant Characteristics

This section provides detailed information on the total number, demographics, cancer clinical information of survey respondents in SEER-MHOS.

  • Total Number of SEER-MHOS Participants
    • This figure shows the number of individuals in SEER-MHOS. It provides a breakdown of by (1) number of surveys completed, (2) cancer identified (SEER, survey self-report, or none ), (3) living within a SEER Region (4) Survey timing relative to a cancer dx (when applicable) of SEER-MHOS Respondents
  • Demographic Information
    • Provides demographic information for SEER-MHOS respondents by cancer status
  • Cancer Site Information
    • Provides information about number of MHOS survey respondents in SEER-MHOS by selected first cancer sire and time between diagnosis and survey
Last Updated: 05 Apr, 2024